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Justice Prayers - February 17, 2021

 “She gave this name to the Lord who spoke to her: “You are the God who sees me,” for she said, “I have now seen the One who sees me.” - Genesis 16:13

Revelations about Sexual and Spiritual Abuse

With the further revelations about evangelist and apologist Ravi Zacharias’ sexual and spiritual abuse heard this week, we pray for the victims of abuse who have been silenced in the church.  

Lord who sees, 

We pray for the ones among us as Christians who have been manipulated, abused and silenced by people in power. We pray their voices are heard.  We repent for not listening.  And may a new era of believing, valuing the bodies and souls of the vulnerable take precedence over maintaining illusions of control, power and authority.  

Intimate Partner Violence rises in Canada and across the world with second wave shut downs

Calls to domestic violence help lines increased are almost double what they were at this time last year Canada. During lockdowns the cases spike due to people being unable to leave the home, lost income and mental health decline.   For those affected we pray.

Lord who sees, 

We plead on behalf of those in our communities who are experiencing increased fear and violence in their homes.   We pray for those who need to leave home, that they would be able to find safety. Be close to the children in these situations.  We ask for the community supports to be strengthened and for your hand to be in homes and relationships during this enduring crisis.  

Missing and murdered Indigenous women remembered in 30th Anniversary of Women’s Memorial March in Vancouver Feb. 14

This memorial march started 30 years ago in Vancouver as a place for the community to remember and grieve missing and murdered Indigenous women.  Since then many cities across Canada have held their own marches and red dress installations to remember and advocate for the women who have been lost.   We pray in grief with those of us and in our community affected.

Lord who sees, 

We grieve and remember with our friends, family, community members and siblings in Christ the loss of these precious women.  The immeasurable loss of mothers, daughters and sisters to communities is hard to comprehend and we lament all the reasons this is happening.  And we boldly ask for resources and for systemic changes so that this is no longer so common or so acceptable.   We pray for safety and security, for health and flourishing for women in our communities at risk.  

Surge in Violence Directed Towards Asian Americans Reported Across the U.S. 

Documented  hate crimes and violence directed towards Asian Americans has been rising during the pandemic with a surge in these last few weeks.  Videos and accounts of Asian Americans being victimized, in one instance leading to death, are causing anger and fear across communities.  Into this moment in our culture we pray:

Lord who sees,

This violence strikes at the heart of your creation – that all are made in the image of God.  May there be accountability and justice for those who inflame anger towards the Asian-American communities across the U.S.  May there be empathy and care extended to all in our churches, schools, neighborhoods and cities who are at risk of being targeted.  May your people rise up boldly against this violence and hate.  

Becoming (part of) the Answer to our Own Prayers

Faith in Action for Immigration Reform Workshop

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Creation Care for Lent

This Lent, we’re inviting you to join us in a journey of Creation Care. We want to live out our faith by investing in the flourishing of God’s creation. Each week, we’ll share practical challenges and Scriptural reflections on how we can be faithful stewards during this season of worship.  Get the full details here.

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