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Justice Prayers - August 3, 2022

Longing for shelter, many are homeless
Longing for warmth, many are cold
Make us Your building, sheltering others
Walls made of living stone

Christ, Be Our Light (Bernadette Farrell)

First Grain Ship Leaves Ukraine under Russia Deal

The Russian war on Ukraine and its blockade of Ukrainian ports since February  has created food insecurity and high prices for grain, oil and fertilizer around the globe.  This deal, brokered by the UN and Turkey and set to last 120 days, has allowed the first grain ship to leave Odessa, heading to Turkey for inspection with a promise that it won’t be attacked by Russia.  The progress is slow due to Russian mines in the waters.  

Lord of the Harvest,

That there is not enough food for some because of power games and war is galling to your ways of shalom that were designed as abundance and enough for all. 

We pray that this shipment goes through and reaches safe ports. We pray that distribution and pricing is just and that those who most need it, receive the grain.  We pray that the deal would last and be extended.  Bring peace Lord, we keep praying.  

Kentucky Floods

The most severe flash floods  in decades have devastated multiple counties in Kentucky.  Dozens of lives were lost, 100’s are unaccounted for.  Damage to homes and infrastructure is great and following the storms, is a week of extreme heat where 1000’s are without power.   

We pray for the people in the midst of mourning and recovering:

Father, may your consoling grace and provision be present to every resident effected. May the community come together in ways that surprise and heal burdened hearts.  Protect the most vulnerable – the elderly, the sick, the children and all who need support in their daily lives -  in the aftermath of destructive waters.  And we pray for restoration of property, livelihoods, hearts and minds, by your immense grace.

Hockey Canada, toxic cultures and silence

Hockey Canada, which oversees  all hockey programs in Canada from entry-level to high performance teams and competitions, including world championships and the Olympic Winter Games, sent executives to testify before a House of Commons committee Wednesday.  They revealed they've paid $8.9 million for sexual abuse settlements to 21 complainants since 1989 from the "National Equity Fund," which they said is generated by membership fees and investments.  Issues of a toxic culture of masculinity that includes objectifying women- “locker room talk” as some term the speaking about sexual assault – is common and acceptable. As well as cultures that do not know how to deal well with these claims. As light is being shed on these issues, we pray for the people and the power at play in this culture-making organization.  

Lord of every precious body,

A culture that entitles men to use, objectify, assault and then pay-off women, while letting perpetrators continue to benefit from their position, is not of you. We pray against the forces of power, prestige, privilege and money-making that have let these things occur for too long.  We pray for your Spirit to reign, even here.  We pray for victims of abuse, of denigration, that there would be healing and restoration. We pray for light in the darkness and for a transformation of hearts that leads to a brave transformation in the  culture of this sport that brings joy and meaning to so many.  

Inflation Reduction Act

Joe Manchin has agreed to support a Inflation Reduction Act, legislation that invests billions in deficit reduction while also providing $369.75 billion in Energy Security and Climate Change programs over the next 10 years with the money coming fully by closing tax loopholes for the wealthiest individuals and corporations.  

Analysts say the deal’s climate change legislative efforts will reduce US total emissions by 40% by 2030, along with many other benefits.  This is a major climate action legislation and the opportunity may not come around again due to lack of political will.

So we pray:

Eternal God, we see through a glass darkly.  But you know the consequences of our actions and inaction. And you make ways through the consequences even now, by your grace.  May this legislation be a way we, stewards of your creation in our generation, organize our habits, money and priorities so that we can mitigate the effects of choosing to live as if this earth served only us and our economic growth.  

Becoming (part of) the Answer to our Own Prayers

FaithCARE Restorative Practices Training 

This August (August 9-10 and 11-12), we are excited to share two opportunities to participate in a two-day training of restorative practices for faith communities. In this training, which will be held in Grand Rapids, Mich., ministry leaders will be introduced to FaithCARE’s framework and vision for restorative congregations. Participants will learn how to design and facilitate listening circles while incorporating restorative practices to enrich interpersonal relationships, small groups, teams and congregational life.  REGISTER for this training 

Do Justice Podcast: Season 5 

It’s a party! The Do Justice podcast has new partners and friends. Joyce Borger and Katie Roelofs with CRCNA Worship Ministries join us to set up the focus for this season: how worship can orient our hearts toward justice.  Listen now!

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