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Justice Prayers - August 18, 2021

"For with much wisdom comes much sorrow; the more knowledge, the more grief." - Ecclesiastes 1:18

Devastation in Haiti

An earthquake in Haiti last Saturday left over 1900 dead and Tropical Storm Grace has brought heavy rains, hampering rescue work. After last month’s assignation of its president, Haiti is in a time of political crisis and its health system is already stressed. Haiti, until only last month, had not received one covid vaccine dose. For these, your creation, we pray:

Father, make ways for relief to get to the people who need it most in Haiti. We pray for the health system, already stressed, to receive vital supplies and people. We pray for community solidarity and stability to rebuild. We pray for the most vulnerable to be sheltered in body and spirit. We pray for a resurrection of local economy and care systems so that Haiti might thrive on its own terms.


After Sunday’s takeover of the government of Afghanistan by the Taliban, the world watched as some Afghan citizens rushed the tarmac as US planes were taking off. After this week’s events, we pray for Afghanistan:

Father of lights, long, empire wars have left legacies of lost lives and livelihoods. We join with the citizens of this country and pray for peace. War’s wages are always born by the innocent. We hold before you those who want to leave and find refuge in a new country – guide them. We hold before you religious minorities, including our Christian siblings – protect them. We hold before you women and children who want to be educated and work - advocate for them. Lord, be present in your mercy and love to every person living in these times in Afghanistan.

Canadian Federal Election Called

As Canadians go to the polls to determine their federal government in a few weeks, we pray:

Lord, not a single one of our systems will get it always right and we will fall short of every ideal and system we devise – and yet you are present in our voting, in our advocacy, in our actions and participation in the ways we choose to live together. So, we pray for your presence, your guidance and your hand to be on all those running for office. We pray for integral leaders and beneficial for all policies in this pandemic recovery season where huge economic transitions have to happen. We thank you for their willingness to serve and we pray for their health and wholeness as they prepare to lead.

Becoming (part of) the Answer to our Own Prayers

"Code Red for Humanity": Pass Bold Climate Legislation

As climate disasters increase in number and scale, it is more important than ever to pass bold climate legislation to preserve and protect the environment. Urge your Senators to vote in favor of measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase spending to replace outdated infrastructure, and recognize that the climate crisis is an extreme emergency and the filibuster must not stand in the way of bold and courageous climate legislation. Contact your Senators today!

World Renew - Haiti 

World Renew is at work in Haiti.  Currently you can donate to provide tarps for shelter and kits that contain household and personal care items for families who have lost their homes. Get more information on their website.  

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