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Justice Prayers - April 3

We bring our prayers to Creator God, who both "takes up our pain and bears our suffering" and will "let justice roll down like a river."


Tension Heightened after Airstrikes between Palestine, Israel

After Hamas fired a missile at Israeli civilians on March 25, wounding seven people, Israel and Hamas traded fire via airstrikes, causing damage in both Gaza City and the Israeli village of Mishmeret. The Gaza health ministry said seven Palestinians were injured, though not seriously so, in the Israeli airstrikes. Tensions continued when tens of thousands of Palestinians on Saturday gathered in Gaza along the boundary fence with Israel to mark the first anniversary of the Great March of Return protests and the killing of four young Palestinians by Israeli forces.

O God of peace and justice, our hearts break for Palestinians and Israelis caught in the midst of violence, and for all who suffer and await a time of peace. God, for the people in Palestine and Israel who live in fear and insecurity, we pray like your prophet Isaiah that justice will dwell in the land and righteousness will abide in the fruitful field (Isa. 32:16).


Lack of Rain in Uganda, East Africa Threatening Growing Season

World Renew staff working in Uganda report that the rainy season that was expected to begin a few weeks ago to support area crops has yet to arrive. This is worrisome for World Renew staff because if the drought continues, Uganda and other East African nations may miss what is usually their strongest rainy season and thus face food shortages. Farmers who would at this point be weeding their crops are still waiting for rain -- and thus have yet to even plant seeds.

Creator, we pray for rains to water the fields of our neighbors across East Africa, and we ask that a bountiful harvest may be grownraised. God, there is so much outside of our control, including the food we grow. We rely on you for all things. We pray for provision and abundance.


FIRST STEP Act: Successes and Failures So Far

On Monday evening the White House celebrated the FIRST STEP Act, bipartisan criminal justice legislation that was hailed by President Trump in his State of the Union address this year as proof that the United States "believes in redemption." Months after its implementation, many who backed passage of the law say that certain parts of the act are working as intended, but other parts seem to be facing delays and uncertainty. Thanks to the provisions in this law, more than 500 inmates have been released. Despite certain successes, however, observers are concerned about rehabilitation services that, although included in the law, have already missed deadlines for development -- in addition to Congress’s delay in appropriating funds for implementation of the law.

God, we give thanks for the thoughtful, discerning, and swift implementation of laws that provide opportunities for redemption and second chances. For decision-makers and others who create budgets, we pray for wisdom and encouragement, and we ask that reconciliation and rehabilitation be considered worthy goals to pursue and fund.


Canada Warming at Twice the Rate of Rest of the World

Federal scientists and academics are warning that Canada’s climate is warming rapidly and faster than the global average. They say that human behavior must change to slow the shift. Canada’s Changing Climate Report says that Canada is warming at twice the rate of the rest of the world and that northern Canada is warming even more quickly, nearly three times the global rate. Three of the past five years have been the warmest on record, the authors state. Since records became available in 1948, overall temperatures in Canada have increased by 1.7 degrees C on average, and annual average temperatures across northern Canada have increased by 2.3 C. “While both human activities and actual variations in climate contribute to this observed warming in Canada, the human factor is dominant,” said Marjorie Shepherd, director of the climate-research division at Environment Canada.

God, remind us that when we talk about climate change, we aren’t talking in the abstract, or about a theory, but rather about your beloved people and creation. We pray for the swift and comprehensive policies and sacrificial behavior changes needed to curb the harshest effects of climate change. God, please forgive the ways in which we rape and pillage the earth, and convict us of our sin.


Becoming the Answer to our Prayers

Prayers for Peace in Mali

On March 31, the Protestant and Catholic churches of Mali came together and shared a day of prayer for peace amid violence. World Renew’s West Africa team leader Mary Crickmore reflects on the violence plaguing her community and asks for prayers for peace.

Action Alert: Ask DHS to Rescind Their ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy

Under U.S. immigration law, it is legal for asylum seekers to remain in the U.S. while their cases are pending. The “Remain in Mexico” policy of the Trump administration is not only unlawful but also places a potentially dangerous, immoral, and unjust burden on an already vulnerable population. Support asylum seekers!

Seeking Canada-based Communications Team Coordinator

We're hiring a new Communications Team Coordinator! This person leads communications strategy and implementation for the Office of Social Justice, Centre for Public Dialogue, and Canadian Indigenous Ministry Committee. (Including editing this blog!) We’re excited to welcome the next person who will pour their God-given communications talents into encouraging the Christian Reformed Church in Canada to lean deeper into our calling to seek justice, peace, and reconciliation. This position is based in Burlington, Ontario.


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