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Justice Prayers - April 29 2020

You keep track of all my sorrows.  You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book. - Psalm 56:8

Support for Refugees

This week the UN Refugee Agency announced efforts to support governments to help address the deteriorating humanitarian crisis across West and Central Africa. Their efforts seek to protect millions of vulnerable people who are facing renewed risk from the combined effects of conflict and the pandemic. The regions of West and Central Africa have one of Africa’s largest displaced population, with approximately 1.3 million Stateless and over 8.3 million refugees and returnees needing assistance.

Lord, we pray for peace for those forced to live away from their homes. Grant your patience to those longing to return to work, school, healthcare, and stability. We pray especially for those holding immigration visas that no longer mean their wait is over as countries delay asylum and shutter immigration. We pray the hearts of those who have their needs met would move towards those who do not and for actions that would relieve suffering in your name.

Air Pollution Reduction

University of Toronto released a study for peer review that showed significant reduction in air pollution concentrations in February in cities under quarantine. The lead researcher notes the reductions are related to significant economic declines but says the change in behavior may help show us there are changes we can make to improve the environment and our quality of life. 

Lord, we simultaneously pray for all those negatively impacted by significant declines in the energy industry and for your creation. We pray for your spark of innovation to find new ways to continue to bring healing to your creation and to support life in all communities. We pray for your spark of motivation. Reconcile our immediate concerns for the well-being of people with our long-term concerns for them and help us trust you in every concern.

Nova Scotia Shooting

One of the deadliest mass homicides in Canadian history resulted in the loss of at least 20 lives this week. The mourning has been even more painful as communities cannot gather to lament their losses as restrictions on funerals and gatherings remain in place in Nova Scotia.

We pray for Nova Scotia and the communities of Portapique and surrounding areas. Where there is the inability for human contact, help the families, friends, and coworkers who are hurting feel your real presence. Bring your healing in Jesus’ name.

Impact of Violence on Children

This week, Doctors without Borders updated their report on the psychological effects of sustained violence on Palestinian children living in the West Bank. Despite increasing movement restrictions to contain COVID-19, violence in the area has not subsided, affecting more than 3.2 million people. The report comes just days before the EU and UN issue warnings to the incoming Israeli government against its recent proposals to further West Bank annexation. 

We lift your children of all ages in the West Bank before you, Lord.  We seek your mercy, comfort, and protection for those so young seeking relief from the severe psychological effects of being born in a war zone.  Grant your wisdom to leaders and all those in power, that the violence would cease and that your peace would reign so that all children would come to experience life-giving security in their communities. 

Becoming (part of) the Answer to our Own Prayers


Hope Zigterman explains our new style of action alert, which allows you to address a variety of concerns in the rapidly changing landscape of COVID-19.  Watch this video today!

Call for more Immigration Stories!

During the COVID19 crisis, we find ourselves stuck at home - which is a great opportunity to share family stories. Is immigration a part of your family’s story? Where did your ancestors come from and when? Join the CRC Office of Social Justice in dusting off these stories while we stay home for a while by contributing to the “Immigration Is Our Story” series.

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