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Justice Prayers - April 17

Lord, in this Holy Week as we walk with your Son to the cross and wait for resurrection, hear our prayers!


Sudan Government in Turmoil, Protests Continue

Last week the Sudanese military carried out a takeover against President Omar al-Bashir, Sudan’s dictator for the past 30 years. The military takeover came after months of protests from citizens demanding a democratic transition. General Awad Ibn Auf, an ally of Bashir’s, became president — but just for one day. On April 12, Ibn Auf stepped down as the protests continued. Lt. General Abdel-Fattah Burhan then assumed power as protesters remain camped outside army headquarters in the capital, Khartoum, demanding a civilian administration. Sudanese activists said Saturday that 16 people, including a soldier, have been killed in the two days since the military forced President Omar al-Bashir from power amid months of anti government protests.

God, for the people of Sudan we pray. We pray for lasting hope. For steps toward justice. For the possibility of a future in which people can live in safety and dignity and can flourish. Bring leaders to power who deeply desire those things.


U.S. ‘Peace Proposal’: Modest Improvements, No Palestinian State

A United States proposal for peace between Israel and the Palestinians will likely not include a fully sovereign Palestinian state, according to sources familiar with the main elements of the deal. The agreement pledged practical improvements in the lives of Palestinians and does not include a proposition for securing a Palestinian state, but rather is likely to focus heavily on Israeli security concerns. For the plan to succeed or even gain traction, it will need at least initial buy-in from both Israel and the Palestinians as well as from the Gulf Arab states. The deal is expected to be revealed later this year.

God, for the leaders who are brokering deals, exerting their influence over this region, and tasked with finding a way forward in Israel and Palestine, we pray. Empower them to prioritize their calling to work toward the dignity and human value of all who live in this region. Give them freedom from false choices, and lead them by your Spirit toward a new future marked by justice and peace.


Nine-Year-Old Syrian Refugee Dies after Being Bullied

A Syrian family in Canada is mourning the death of their nine-year-old daughter from suicide last month after being bullied at school. In the weeks leading up to her death she had consistently complained of being physically and verbally abused by fellow classmates. The bullying continued despite changing schools, leaving the child distraught. The family came to Canada three years ago as government-assisted refugees fleeing the war in Syria.

God, we lift in prayer all who are vulnerable to suicide -- those who have experienced trauma, or who suffer from mental health issues, or who are dealing with other circumstances causing such deep pain. We pray also for people who grieve the loss of someone they loved who died from suicide. Lord, we also pray for refugees and immigrants who find themselves in a new place, but for whom that place does not feel like home. Bring peace, comfort, and loving neighbors, O God. Call us to be hospitable and compassionate to all who are seeking a new home among us.


Toxic Waste and Trash Dumped in Alabama, Black Communities

Alabama has gained a reputation as the dumping ground of the U.S., with toxic waste from across the country typically heaped near poor, rural communities, many with large African American populations. Alabama has a total of 173 operational landfills, more than three times as many as New York, a state with a population four times greater than Alabama. A landfill near Emelle in Sumter county, where the neighboring community is about 90 percent black and a third of the people live in poverty, at one point accepted 40 percent of all hazardous waste disposed in the U.S. “Let every state take care of their own trash, but don’t bring it to Alabama,” said David Brasfield, a retired miner. “We just don’t need it. We’re better than that. We’re not a dump.”

God, in the situations that we create as we live together, give us the energy and courage to ensure that our habits and systems are equitable, sustainable, and life-affirming for all people. May we take care to treat everyone equitably and change our ways wherever we not doing so.


Becoming the Answer to our Prayers

Action Alert -- Ask Congress for Long-Term Solutions in Central America!

Cuts to development and humanitarian-aid organizations seeking to address the root causes of violence, poverty, and migration will only further destabilize El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, drive more refugees to seek safety, and end life-saving work in those regions. Support effective foreign policy in Central America!

Action Alert -- Support Refugee Welcome in Canada!

Since 1979, Christian Reformed churches in Canada have welcomed an estimated 7,500 privately sponsored refugees through World Renew. Let’s mark 40 years of refugee welcome by recommitting to the biblical call to “welcome the stranger.” Tell your MP: I welcome refugees!


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