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Fam Jam

“Fam Jam” was written by Canadian rapper Shad about his childhood as a newcomer in Canada. Here’s what he had to say about the album: “Working on Flying Colours in the city of Toronto offered a daily reminder of the diversity of stories in our midst. This diversity is often and rightly celebrated, but the innumerable stories that comprise our treasured multiculturalism here in Canada can also hold a lot pain, as well as some complicated questions around what it means to succeed, and what it means to belong. As I started writing and reflecting on the different joys and struggles within our stories, I was reminded of the community parties we had with other families who arrived in London, Ontario from East Africa when I was growing up. I thought about the fun we had as kids and the various difficulties that our families encountered over the years. I wanted to make something to celebrate some of that; a throwback to our old fam jams, and a toast to the trials and triumphs of many.” —Shad

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