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Why I Care about Climate Change...

God created, sustains, and cares deeply about his world, down to the humble sparrow or short-lived wildflower. So many of us share this love for the created world and are eager to obey God's command to serve and protect it (Gen. 2:15). That's why so many of us in the church are deeply concerned about the reality of climate change, and we have many reasons that compel us toward action. However, with political polarization poisoning most conversations before they even begin, it's hard to know how to have meaningful dialogue. We all have wisdom and experience to share, but little opportunity to do it.

This series is dedicated to those voices—voices that do not shout the loudest or own the 24 hour news cycle, but have deep knowledge and important wisdom that needs to be heard. Voices of mothers concerned for their children's future. Voices of young people concerned about the viability of their future. Voices of missionaries worried about access to water and arable land for the community to which they have dedicated their lives. Voices of First Nations people lamenting the abuse of the earth and holding up the ancient wisdom of their ancestors. Voices that all explain, in one way or another, why they care about climate change.

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